Foraging for Black Trumpet Mushrooms

Black trumpets are delicious and an excellent mushroom for beginning mushroom hunter to forage the forest floor for!


Foraging for black trumpet mushrooms: Often found growing near beech and oak trees, black trumpets favor mossy areas of the forest’s floor. Finding them takes practice, as their small size and dark color camouflages them well. Black trumpets are safe for beginners because it has no poisonous lookalikes.

They’re super delicious (one of my favorite mushrooms) and packed with flavor. Just a few of them in a dish imparts a lot of flavor. Start your search slowly and carefully after some good rain. Part/full shade. Midsummer to early Fall.

What it is: a mushroom, related to chanterelles

Where to find it: in mixed woods, often amongst moss

Edible parts: the trumpet

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Black trumpets grow to a maximum of 3 inches, but often get no larger than an inch. Since they are usually found growing within moss, they tend to be fairly clean mushrooms to harvest. Gently grip the bottom of the trumpet and pull. It will come off easily, without the clod of dirt that usually accompany mushrooms when gathering.
They are easy to clean with a quick rinse under the faucet since they aren’t gilled.


A simple saute in butter, with some garlic and salt highlights the flavor of black trumpet. I like to use it in rice and in my eggs. Excellent made into a white wine + butter sauce and poured over fish or chicken. Definitely give them a try the next time you have the pleasure of finding them!

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