Fermentation: Getting Started – Supplies

If you are new to fermenting foods, start out on the best foot by having all of the basic supplies that you will need!

If you’ve been fermenting for some time, peruse the supply list and see if your setup needs some modern additions!
Below are some of my suggested products. When you’re getting started, you can purchase jars, lids, salt and a highly-esteemed book all for around $60, and if you’re thrifty, likely even less.

I was able to source jars from relatives that had extras sitting around, and find the book I wanted at the local library.

In addition, I make my own fermentation crock and sometimes sell them in my Etsy Store.

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1. Jars. Make sure they are fermentation-grade

2. Lids. I love these Mason Top brand lids

3. A good book. Wild Fermentation by Sandor Ellix Kats comes highly recommended by me and many others! Kats it what we call a fermentation EXPERT. He has all the answers and I’ve learned so much from him.

4. A Notebook and some masking tape. Labeling your jars and taking good notes are two very important things to include in

5. Quality Salt. This is the life and blood of the ferment you are creating. Do not use salt with additives.

6. Cheesecloth. I recommend purchasing a few cheeseclothes, as you may find yourself fermenting several things at the same time someday. Simply rubberbanding a cheesecloth over the top of a jar assures that no contaminants or bugs can find their way in and spoil your fermenting project.

Have everything that you need? GREAT!

It’s time to get started! Here are some of my favorite, simple fermentation projects:

What kind of fermentation project are you most eager to try? Leave your reply in the comment section below!!

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